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Welcome! Bay City Gas Company is the natural gas utility for Bay City, Texas. This site exists to serve our customers and prospective customers. In it you will find information regarding:

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Drive-through access is from Avenue A, at 5th Street (just southeast of our building)

and to help PREVENT an emergency – CALL 811 BEFORE you dig !! Digging deeper than 16 inches? Call – it’s the LAW


For Immediate Release

[Bay City Texas] Following the extraordinary February freeze event, The Bay City Gas Company has been working diligently to manage the financial impact to our customers.

Please forgive the delay as we worked to ensure we were getting the most accurate pricing for our customers prior to billing. As we are sure you are aware, the price of natural gas increased significantly during this event.  However, after several agonizing months, we have finalized our investigation, and can confidently invoice our customers with an accurate price for the increase we all suffered during the freezing weather event. The Bay City Gas Company uses a pass-through method of billing, which means the Gas Company does not profit from any increase in the cost of gas to our customer. The Bay City Gas Company has determined that the full cost of February gas was simply too high to pass on to our customers in the customary fashion.

Instead, the Bay City Gas Company has temporarily absorbed most of the extraordinary cost of February gas so that our customers can be billed in a reasonable fashion over time. The amount each customer pays will be based on the amount of gas used. These rates are calculated for repayment of these extraordinary costs. These rates will be closely monitored to prevent any excess collection.

The financial details are published, posted on the website, and available at the Gas Company office. We hope this information will help you budget over the next several years as we return to normal.

THE BAY CITY GAS COMPANY  Board of Trustees will meet with City Council on Tuesday, July 27, 5:00 pm to discuss this ” Notice of Intent to make a Rate Change” effective August 1, 2021

Standard Gas Service Account                                   $19.00/mo

Residential – not to exceed 50 MCF/mo.

R-1 Base Rate 1-50,000 Cubic Feet (50 MCF/mo)    $ 8.05 Per MCF plus Cost of Gas

In-City Commercial & Industrial for Monthly Consumption

in MCF/mo

C-1                                         1 to 50                          $8.05 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-2                                         51 to 832                       $7.35 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-3                                         833 to 4,166                  $6.20 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-4                                         4,167 to16,666              $5.50 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-5                                         16,667 to 33,332           $5.00 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-6                                         33,333 to 66,666           $4.50 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-7                                         66,667 or more             $4.25 per MCF plus cost of gas

Outside City Limits Commercial & Industrial

(w/o Economic Development Agreement) for Monthly Consumption

in MCF/mo

CO-1                                      1 to 50                          $8.05 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-2                                      51 to 832                       $7.85 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-3                                      833 to 4,166                  $6.53 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-4                                      4,167 to16,666              $5.73 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-5                                      16,667 to 33,332           $5.15 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-6                                      33,333 to 66,666           $4.58 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-7                                      66,667 or more             $4.29 per MCF plus cost of gas

For the purposes of this rate, “Cost of Gas” is defined as the amount paid by the Bay City Gas Company to its supplier(s) inclusive of all charges, transportation fees, and service fees;  The Cost of Gas may include a factor for recoupment of: a.) fees, taxes or rates assessed upon the Gas Company by the State or Federal regulatory authorities; b.) lost and unaccounted for gas volumes; c.) gas used by City of Bay City and Bay City Gas Company operations, d.) Replenishment of financial reserves and debt service arising from cost of gas items unbilled or unpaid in the current month; and e.) The cost of reliability services or infrastructure intended to reduce the cost of gas, or the volatility thereof. The Cost of Gas does not include promotional rates for special air conditioning, electric generation, or other promotional load.  The Cost of Gas is not reduced by bond proceeds or municipal tax discounts. The Cost of Gas for meters read during the calendar month shall be determined by the management of the Bay City Gas Company on or before the fifth working day of that month and will be available to the public from the offices of the Gas Company.

The average monthly bill for 3,756 base (R-1, C-1, and CO-1) gas customers will increase a net 26.6% or $8.00 due to this rate change.

The average monthly bill for 291 (commercial) C-2 gas customers will increase a net 51.3% or $101.00 due to this rate change.

The average monthly bill for 11 (small industrial) C-3 gas customers will increase a net 58.6% or $448.32 due to this rate change

The average monthly bill for 38 Public Authority Gas Customers will increase a net 53.0% or $154.32 due to this rate change.

The annual revenues of the Bay City Gas Company due to this rate change are projected to increase 33.9% or $851,416  beginning in 2022.

 COVID-19 :  Our office and drive through are open and functioning normally. Our Service Personnel will use CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, hand washing and other precautions – please understand and cooperate so that they may do their jobs safely. 

Call us immediately if you smell gas or suspect a leak. We odorize the gas specifically to help find leaks. Help us by reporting anything you suspect to be a gas leak.
Please help us maintain a safe system – inspect your meter piping for damage or corrosion.
More information on our SAFETY page !
*Please remember that you MUST call 811 prior to digging deeper than 16 inches – mail box posts, fence posts, sprinkler system installations are examples of digging that might require a call to 811.
*Hissing sounds from the ground, bubbles from the ground, frozen ground and patches of dead vegetation are all potentially signs of an underground pipeline leak.
*Please never, ever use a match to try to detect a gas leak! Leave the premises and call us at 245-2311(or 911) and we will investigate.
Beginning in 2017, Excess Flow Valves will be installed on all new residential and business customers’ service lines up to size 1,000 meters. If you would like more information about having an excess flow valve installed on your current service line, please check the SAFETY page and/or call our office at 979.245.2327


DISCONNECTIONS for non-payment: we cannot guarantee re-connection the same day, AND we do not perform after-hours re-connects
natural gas advantages

We are all becoming more sensitive to environmental issues, and we want to do “the right thing” with regard to the environment. NATURAL GAS is:

Practical and attainable, right here, right now

>America’s second largest energy resource

> The CLEANEST BURNING of all fossil fuels, emitting 45% LESS carbon dioxide than the coal used to generate electricity

>Extremely efficient, with 89% of the energy at the wellhead reaching the end user (to deliver electricity to your home, 78% of the original energy is lost!); this efficiency translates to 60% LESS carbon dioxide emissions than with an all electric home, and improvements in appliance efficiency mean that the typical residential customer uses 20% LESS natural gas than they did 20 years ago. For more information, visit

The ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES of natural gas:

  • Natural gas is domestically produced and refined; it is truly an American product
  • Operating profit from Bay City Gas Company stays in Bay City
  • Natural gas is now priced at its lowest level in years
  • Natural gas appliances offer better energy efficiency than their  electric competition
  • Natural gas appliances typically operate at lower costs than electric appliances
  • Natural gas water heaters produce hot water twice as fast as electric water heaters, at about half the cost
  • Natural gas clothes dryers operate at about half the cost of electric dryers (and the clothes come out softer!)
  • Natural gas cooking appliances offer instant on / instant off control, as well as precise adjustability


We offer REBATES on gas appliances and installation costs ! See the CUSTOMER SERVICES page for details.