Myths About Natural Gas

Here are some myths associated with natural gas and natural gas distribution systems:


Natural Gas is poisonous – FALSE; natural gas is non-toxic, it does however displace oxygen and can therefore suffocate if inhaled in strong concentrations

Natural gas has a foul smell – FALSE; natural gas has no odor; an odorizing chemical is added so that leaking gas can be detected; the amount of odorant added is determined by law and tested at least annually

Natural gas pipelines are made of steel – ACTUALLY, the vast majority of distribution piping here in Bay City – the piping in town, under the streets, in your yard –  is plastic, polyethylene;  it is either orange or yellow, and is very flexible and strong; but it CAN be CUT by digging equipment, even by shovels and post-hole diggers; ALWAYS CALL 811 or 245-2311 before digging !!! We are happy to locate our pipelines BEFORE you begin work on that fence, deck, landscaping, sprinkler system or other project.

Here is another myth – “efficiency”

While it is true that some electric appliances have higher efficiency ratings than natural gas appliances, remember that a huge inefficiency exists in changing fossil fuels into electricity. 78% of the energy of the coal or natural gas burned to create steam and generate electricity is LOST, and only 22% of that energy ever reaches your home or business. So a slightly higher appliance efficiency doesn’t come close to offsetting these efficiency losses. On the other hand, natural gas is delivered and used DIRECTLY by your appliance; 89% of the energy at the gas wellhead reaches the customer!

78% inefficiency with electric versus 89% efficiency with gas.

It’s your choice.




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