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NOTICE: if you have been disconnected for non-payment, you MUST contact this office in person or by phone to make payment and restore service. You may NOT use the online or toll free number to make payment if you are disconnected.


All new customers are required to complete a service request form at our office, 1100 6th Street. Renters will be required to provide a rental or lease agreement, on company/owner letterhead, notarized and dated. The property owner’s name, address, phone number and email will be required. We require a 48 hour processing time for rent or lease requests for service.


Current Fee Schedule:

New Customer Connect  $125.00 deposit ($40 deposit for senior citizens) plus $15.00 Connect Fee (added to first bill)
New Business Connect $15.00 plus deposit (based on usage, $250 minimum)
Transfer Service  $15.00
Pilot Lighting –  $20.00 ($30.00 after-hours, weekends)

SENIOR CITIZENS – free furnace light-ups during October and November

Summer Disconnect/Fall Turn On not offered in 2021
Re-Connect  $45.00 reconnect fee
E-Commerce fee up to 6% or $50.00
STANDARD Service  $19.00 per month

Base Rate for 1-50,000 Cubic Feet $ .405 Per Hundred plus Cost of Gas
Base Rate for over 50,000 Cubic Feet $.335 Per hundred plus Cost of Gas
    Note: Billing begins the month you set up your account

  PLEASE NOTE: Bay City Gas Company Policy requires that an ADULT (+18) be present during all Service Calls– please schedule service at a time when an adult will be home

Re-Connects- refers to customers who have been scheduled for disconnection for failure to pay.

Fall Turn-Ons- refers to service calls to restore service for customers who were in summer turn-off  NOT OFFERED IN 2021

E-Commerce fee- As electronic commerce services become available the Gas Company will offer them to the customers at a cost not to exceed the scheduled rate.

Advanced Billing Services- As Advanced Billing Services become available the Gas Company will offer them to the customers at a cost not to exceed the scheduled rate.

 Premium-Flex Gas Service Account –  allows a customer to discontinue and resume gas service as needed without terminating their deposit or paying a fee for turn-on when service is resumed. Additional services may be added to the Premium-Flex service level at a reduced or eliminated fee as they become available.

Cost of Gas- is defined as the amount paid by the Bay City Gas Company to its supplier(s) inclusive of all charges, transportation fees, and service fees. The Cost of Gas may include a factor for recoupment of: a.) fees, taxes or rates assessed upon the Gas Company by the State or Federal regulatory authorities; b.) lost and unaccounted for gas volumes; and c.) gas used by City of Bay City and Bay City Gas Company operations. The Cost of Gas does not include promotional rates for special air conditioning, electric generation, or other promotional load.  The Cost of Gas for meters read during the calendar month shall be determined by the management of the Bay City Gas Company on or before the fifth working day of that month and will be available to the public from the offices of the Gas Company.

All charges are subject to sales tax if applicable.

March 2021 Cost of Gas, per hundred cubic feet (ccf): $ .366


Other Services:
Gas service for new construction – contact us at 245-2327 to find out about incentives we offer for new homes
Pilot lights – upon request, Bay City Gas Company will light pilot lights on customers’ appliances (see Fee Schedule)
Fall Furnace Light-Up for SENIOR CITIZENS – during the month of OCTOBER, senior citizens can have their furnace pilot light re-lit at no charge; call the office to arrange an appointment

Special Items:

EXPLANATION OF YOUR BILL:  your gas bill, like your electric and water bills, is based on USAGE, measured in hundreds of cubic feet (ccf). This figure is on your monthly bill, top left corner, ‘TOTAL CCF’

“GAS DELIVERY”: the amount shown on your bill as “GAS DELIVERED” is the volume of gas used multiplied by ($.405, plus the COST of GAS). Example – customer usage for September was 8 ccf, and assume the Cost of Gas was $.305/ccf.  To calculate the “Gas Delivered”, multiply this usage (8 ccf) by ($.405 + $.305) = $5.68

“COST OF GAS”: the price Bay City Gas Company pays our supplier for the gas we purchase for delivery to customers (see fuller description above); we do not mark up the cost of gas for profit

“BASIC SERVICE”: All customers are also charged a flat service (or meter) charge of $19.00 per month, regardless of usage. Customers with only a gas furnace may wish to go into “Summer Turn-Off” to avoid this monthly fee. The “Fall Turn On Fee” is $45.00.

Bay City Gas Company works very hard to keep our costs down and to be good stewards of the public trust. All revenue generated by Bay City Gas Company goes to pay operating expenses of the company, and to provide funding for roads, streets, bridges and other City and civic improvements for the benefit of the citizens of Bay City.

We have rebates available for homeowners wanting to install GAS water heaters, furnaces, clothes dryers, ovens, gas grills, fire logs and hot tub heaters. Rebates are available for the appliance purchase AND for plumbing work required to convert from electric to natural gas. We now offer rebates on carbon monoxide alarms when combined with another gas appliance purchase rebate. Builders and developers, please contact our office for details on incentives available to you. Terms and conditions apply and rebate amounts are subject to change. Customers must present receipts within 30 days of purchase to qualify for rebates. Verification by inspection is required. Call our office at (979) 245-2327 for full details.


Other terms and conditions apply. Rebate amounts are subject to change.
(1) Plumbing Rebates apply to CONVERSIONS FROM ELECTRIC
(2) rebates on CO alarms are in combination with another gas appliance purchase rebate only; up to $30 per alarm or actual invoice price, whichever is less; LIMIT 2

 In-City Commercial & Industrial for Monthly Consumption

in MCF/mo

C-2                                         50 to 832                       $3.35 per MCF plus cost of  gas

C-3                                         833 to 4,166                  $2.20 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-4                                         4,167 to16,666              $1.50 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-5                                         16,667 to 33,332           $1.00 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-6                                         33,333 to 66,666           $0.50 per MCF plus cost of gas

C-7                                         66,667 or more             $0.25 per MCF plus cost of gas


Outside City Limits Commercial & Industrial

(w/o Economic Development Agreement) for Monthly Consumption

in MCF/mo

CO-2                                      50 to 832                       $3.85 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-3                                      833 to 4,166                  $2.53 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-4                                      4,167 to16,666              $1.73 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-5                                      16,667 to 33,332           $1.15 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-6                                      33,333 to 66,666           $0.58 per MCF plus cost of gas

CO-7                                      66,667 or more             $0.29 per MCF plus cost of gas

Economic Development Agreements Economic Development Agreements which are approved by City Council may include rate structures at variance with the Schedule of Maximum Rates.

Customer Specific Infrastructure Costs Necessary infrastructure to serve a specific customer is to be paid or reimbursed by that customer. Terms of such reimbursement may be measured by consumption. The resultant payments are different from and do not count toward the Rate established in this Schedule.


ECI Rates indexed to “ECI” shall be adjusted by the greater of i) the 12 month percent increase in the Employment Cost Index, The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor for:

Series Id:     CIU3010000000000A (B),

Not Seasonally Adjusted,

compensation:  Total compensation,

sector: State and local government,

periodicity: 12-month percent change,

Industry occ:   All workers.

 for the 4th quarter of the year immediately past; or 2.0%. No reductions are made for negative ECI movements. Adjustments are applied on the customer bill next following the publication of the index.


For qualifying service commencing on or before JUNE 1, 2016.

            For years 1 through 5:

                        Volumes up to 83,333.33 per month, $0.18 per MMBtu indexed; and

                        Volumes above 83,333.33 per month but less than 139,416.67 MMBtu

                        per month, $0.09 per MMBtu indexed; then

             For years 6 and following:

                        All volumes up to 139,416.67 MMBtu per month, the indexed product of $0.09 per MMBtu for that year of service.

                  The index for this rate is the Employment Cost Index (ECI). The index is applied annually from the adoption of this rate. Contact the Gas Company for a current billed rate.

            All volume requirements are measured monthly.

 Conditions on qualification for this rate:

  1. Customer must separately contract for purchase of all commodity Natural Gas;
  2. Customer must separately contract for transportation of all gas to the delivery point designated by the Bay City Gas Company;
  3. Customer must consume, or in lieu of consumption pay for, (“take-or-pay”) a minimum volume of  83,333.33 MMBtu per month;Customer will receive an economic development incentive credit equal in value to the initial Customer Specific Infrastructure Costs, not to exceed $400,000; and
    1. Billing Adjustment – Each month Customer will be billed for an amount equal to the greater of the product of the appropriate EDA-1 Rate multiplied by: i) the total MMBtu delivered to Customer; or ii) 83,333.33 MMBtu.
    2. If Customer’s account is kept current, Customer shall have the right to offset undertakes of gas in one month with overtakes of gas in the immediately previous or immediately subsequent month, only.
  4. Approval of City Council


Incentive Rate for Electric Generation Load:

This Rate is based upon, and falls below, the approved table of maximum rates for Commercial Customers (C-1 through C-7 & CO-2 through CO-7)

This incentive rate is available for separately-metered, new service only, for gas consumption beginning 24 months maximum after meter installation.

Installed capacity must equal or exceed 1 MW by manufacturer’s capacity rating. Multiple units on a single meter can be aggregated to qualify for capacity. Multiple meters or multiple locations cannot be aggregated.

The incentive rate discount for volumes at the C-1 tier = 0%;

The incentive rate discount for volumes at the C-2 through C-7 & CO-2 through CO-7 tier = 50%;

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