gas rebates


 clothes dryer   $      75  $     125  $         200
 water heater (30)   $     150  $     200  $         350
 water heater (40)   $     150  $     350  $         500
 tankless water heater   $      50  $     100  $         150
 range, free   $      50  $      85  $         135
 fire logs   $      50  $     100  $         150
 furnace   $     100  $     200  $         300
 gas grills   $      50  $          50
 carbon monoxide alarm   $      30  see note 2   $          60
 Plumbing Rebates apply to conversions from electric 
 Carbon monoxide alarm rebate ONLY in combination with other gas appliance rebate; up to $30 per alarm, or actual price, whichever is less, limit 2 

Bay City Gas Company offers rebates on virtually all natural gas appliances. These rebates are designed to eliminate the up-front cost difference of their electric versions.  So our rebates will eliminate the cost difference between an electric water heater (cheaper purchase price, but oh so much more expensive to operate) and a gas water heater, an electric dryer (cheaper purchase price, but much more expensive to operate) and a gas clothes dryer, etc.

We also offer rebates on PLUMBING COSTS to convert or add natural gas outlets for appliances!

Combine these two, plus the ANNUAL savings you will enjoy each year forward, and it makes more sense than ever to switch to natural gas.


REBATE forms are available at our front desk. The process is simple: present proof of purchase, proof of any plumbing work performed; we will then schedule a time to come out and verify the appliance and/or plumbing work; we will then issue a REBATE check directly to you.  It’s that easy.


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