Welcome! Bay City Gas Company is the natural gas utility for Bay City, Texas. This site exists to serve our customers and prospective customers. In it you will find information regarding:

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JUNE 2015: we are conducting a telephone survey to measure how well we are communicating safety information to our customers and to the community at large. PLEASE help us by participating in this survey! Safety information is available on every bill you receive, and here at this website on the “Safety” page -
We are now in the process of replacing ALL meter transmitters with new, highly reliable units. You will see crews in every neighborhood visiting each and every gas meter in town, changing the transmitters to the new units. We expect the new system to be installed and operating by the end of May 2015. We are manually reading meters which fail to transmit, but if you suspect a problem with your bill, especially if it seems LOW, please contact our office and we will manually read your meter to assure accurate billing.

natural gas advantages

We are all becoming more sensitive to environmental issues, and we want to do “the right thing” with regard to the environment. NATURAL GAS is:

Practical and attainable, right here, right now

>America’s second largest energy resource

> The CLEANEST BURNING of all fossil fuels, emitting 45% LESS carbon dioxide than the coal used to generate electricity

>Extremely efficient, with 89% of the energy at the wellhead reaching the end user (to deliver electricity to your home, 78% of the original energy is lost!); this efficiency translates to 60% LESS carbon dioxide emissions than with an all electric home, and improvements in appliance efficiency mean that the typical residential customer uses 20% LESS natural gas than they did 20 years ago. For more information, visit

The ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES of natural gas:

  • Natural gas is domestically produced and refined; it is truly an American product
  • Operating profit from Bay City Gas Company stays in Bay City
  • Natural gas is now priced at its lowest level in years
  • Natural gas appliances offer better energy efficiency than their  electric competition
  • Natural gas appliances typically operate at lower costs than electric appliances
  • Natural gas water heaters produce hot water twice as fast as electric water heaters, at about half the cost
  • Natural gas clothes dryers operate at about half the cost of electric dryers (and the clothes come out softer!)
  • Natural gas cooking appliances offer instant on / instant off control, as well as precise adjustability


We offer REBATES on gas appliances and installation costs ! See the CUSTOMER SERVICES page for details.